General Information

I'm Didi Carr Reuben and I work as an international patient coordinator for Dr. Lev, a Brazilian trained plastic surgeon in Costa Rica. My job is to coordinate patients who come to us from anywhere outside of Costa Rica. Dr. Lev and I set aside clusters of dates in each month of the year solely for individuals who reside outside of Costa Rica who are seeking plastic surgery in Costa Rica. Putting people together to support each other through this amazing, life altering experience has proven to work well for the patients. They're always grateful for having had other people around them who were going through the same experience.

Of course as well, privacy is respected throughout this entire journey. At the recovery facility the choice is yours whether or not you mingle with other patients. Meals can even be brought to your cottage upon request at the recovery place.

I, too, am a patient of Dr. Lev's and found him when I was searching for a less expensive alternative to the high priced surgeons here in L.A. where I live. It had been suggested that I look at the impressive medical community of Costa Rica. After surfing the web for Costa Rican medical websites I was led to a list of over 30 plastic surgeons in Costa Rica.

After reading their bios and further research, it was soon crystal clear that Dr. Lev was the surgeon for me! Not only is he a Costa Rican plastic surgeon with a excellent reputation but also he’s certified as a plastic surgeon in not one, but two countries (Brazil and Costa Rica)! Perhaps the most convincing factor was the orthopedic pediatric surgeon I spoke with in New York City who went to Dr. Lev for his own facelift! That call made up my mind for me. If a surgeon from New York City would travel to Costa Rica for his own facelift, then that was all the "convincing" I needed.

Needless to say, my friends and family thought I had lost my mind, being willing to travel to a "third world country" for major surgery. But after they saw the excellent work that had been done on my face and how natural I looked just two weeks after surgery, needless to say, they suddenly all wanted to go to see my Costa Rican plastic surgeon and that "third world country" of his! And some of them did go. And I went with them. And I loved every minute of being there with them, and taking care of them and being a part of their beautiful transformation. That's how this work all began for me. And now I am working for Dr. Lev assisting him with his ever-growing U.S. clientele.



In case you’re wondering, there is no extra charges or costs for my assistance with your booking or planning your amazing “Costa Rican Plastic Surgery” adventure. The prices I quote you are the same prices you would be quoted if you booked your surgery on your own through Dr. Lev’s office in Costa Rica.

I am here for you as a gift from Dr. Lev to his patients so they get the attention they want and need from someone who cares about them and wants to help them through their entire Costa Rican journey (that would be me!).

Dr. Lev is a very busy man, as you might expect, and between surgeries and seeing patients in his office, not to mention seeing patients in the hospital, he often doesn’t have time to answer emails and questions expeditiously. And that’s where I come in.

On behalf of Dr. Lev, I answer your emails quickly and will serve as your personal cheerleader, support person and question answerer. If you have questions that I cannot answer myself, I will get the answers by calling Dr. Lev and speaking with him personally on your behalf.

Feel free to have a look around the website. Hopefully most of your questions will be answered here. If you still have questions, you can contact me and I will be happy to assist you.



Within two weeks from the time Didi puts a hold on your chosen date, before that booking becomes official, we will need you to deposit a $1000 into Dr. Lev's Texas account. Information on how to do that is in the step by step checklist.

Questions or Comments

Contact Dr. Lev's US Patient Coordinator, Didi Carr Reuben