Before you book your second or third facelift

Here is some information for people who've had face lifts in the past either from Dr. Lev or another surgeon, and it applies to everyone who's had a face lift before.

It just makes sense. After your first face lift, your skin and tissues underneath are stretched and therefore thinner. It also loses elasticity and thickness with the combination of the first face lift and the dreaded aging process. The older we get, the more our skin thins. And face lifts speed up that process. So if you have a second or third face lift you are not only older than you were when you had your first lift, and your skin is thinner due to the aging process, but your tissues underneath have already been stretched once and in addition scar tissue has developed over the years making a second or third face lift more of a challenge for the surgeon and the result will never be as good as the first face lift.

As a general rule, a first face lift is the best face lift you'll ever have. Every time you go back in to restretch the tissues, etc. that have already been stretched and now have scar tissue to add to the challenge for the surgeon, the result is less dramatic and in some cases not very dramatic at all.

So if you've already had a face lift once before, you need to lower your expectations for the results because they won't be as great as the first go round.

I'm writing this because we've had a couple of patients over the last couple of years who were unhappy with their results from their second face lift. They were upset (understandably so) that the result wasn't as awesome as their first face lift.

So this is just a way to get people who've had face lifts before booking with Dr. Lev to understand up front that the result is NOT going to be the same as their first lift for the reasons I've mentioned above.

Think about the possible negatives of a second face lift carefully before booking a date with Dr. Lev for a second or third lift.

I always encourage the patients to adopt realistic expectations when signing on for other plastic surgery procedures. I've said this before, but it bears repeating. If you go in with realistic expectations you will not be as disappointed with your results as you would be if you hadn't had realistic expectations which, as mentioned above, will not have as good a result with the second or third face lift as you did with your first.

You only get one chance to have a first face lift!

Be well. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

Love, Didi😘