Hi folks,

So here's what's not okay.

It's not okay to hold on to a precious surgery date for weeks or even months which takes it out of the book for other patients to use, and then either not contact us at all telling us you're not coming or just not showing up, OR waiting for me to contact you to ask, "Hey, I haven't heard from you and just noticed you never sent a deposit. Are you not planning on coming down for surgery with Dr. Lev on your scheduled date?"

It's not my job to make sure you're coming or not coming. I've got too much to deal with trying to serve hundreds of patients via email every day. Once you book a date your job is to follow our instructions on how to prepare for the trip/surgery and do everything you need to do and if you run into trouble, you email me and let me know you're having trouble.

I refuse to work with people who are inconsiderate of us. When you don't show up, several people lose income for that date that could've been booked 100 times. Not just Dr. Lev. The anesthesiologist, the nurses, the clinic, the recovery place, etc.

In closing, it's unacceptable and rude to just either not show up or not contact me to cancel or postpone.

Be well. Take care. Stay safe and healthy and please be considerate.

Love, Didi🌺