LIPS - The Bane Of Our Existence!

Back in 1996 I went to a tattoo artist who did permanent makeup and she tattooed a line in a gorgeous natural tone that suited my skin tone all around JUST OUTSIDE my natural lip line and then tattooed from that line all the way down my lip coloring it in so that it gave the appearance that my lips were fuller.

I've enjoyed this for years….although it doesn't take away those dreaded vertical lines which are slowly but surely developing around my lips. However, it does minimize their appearance by making my lips look fuller and more plump. It's amazing how well the tattooing worked for this effect. You do, however have to have touchups every 10 years or so since the tattooing does fade over time.

Something less invasive that I also want to suggest to people with thinning lips is to simply go out and buy a really good lip liner. I love the Revlon Colorstay twist up lipliner in “Fleshtone/Chair” I also like one made by Clinique “Quickliner for lips” in the color called “Lipblush”.

If you go to a department store or even better, a Sephora, you can try different colors to your heart's content until you find the color that best that suits you.

Once you get the lip liner color nailed down, get a lipstick that matches as closely as possible to the lip liner color.

Go home and take some time to practice drawing with the liner a little OUTSIDE YOUR NATURAL LIPLINE. Go all around your lips and taper off in the corners. It takes practice but once you get it…it's easy as pie.

I can do it without a mirror! And yes, I'm doing this myself even with the tattooing because it has faded considerably over the years.

So anyway, once you have the lip liner in place, take the lipstick and fill in the lips all the way up to the liner. You may get better results if you use a lipstick brush to paint up to the lip liner outline and all over the lip area. You'll see what happens instantly. Your lips will appear fuller than before. Yes, it's an optical illusion, but it really works. Don't make the line too far above your natural lip line or else you'll look really silly. It's amazing how little it takes to go from gorgeous to silly-looking…so be very careful!! As you practice, you'll get better and better at it. You'll see.

For now…this lip liner thing is easy, inexpensive and gives you something to do that will give you at least a slight improvement.

Later on if things get out of control, you might consider seeing Dra. Sheinfeld, our dermatologist for Fraxel Re:pair around the perioral area (around the mouth and chin). This treatment, done under sedation does minimize the vertical lines around the mouth pretty well. But it's invasive and relatively expensive, so try the lip liner trick first. See how that goes for you.

Take care….if you have any questions, please use this contact form to reach me..
Hugs and kisses….
Love, Didi