Patients please read the following BEFORE booking a date for surgery

A note from Dr. Lev and Didi: Once you are booked for your surgery by Didi, If you cannot meet the two-week deadline to make your required deposit of $1000 into Dr. Lev's US bank account and need more time, email Didi at and let her know you need more time. We can extend your deposit time as a "courtesy" but you must contact us within that two week period.

Doing nothing is not the answer. We need you to communicate with us and if you change your mind about the surgery, you need to let us know as opposed to just not showing up which is definitely unacceptable and rude. Talk to Didi if you need more time for the deposit or if you need to change your date or cancel your date. It's ok to cancel or change your date, but please have the courtesy to let us know.


Dr. Lev and Didi Reuben, Dr. Lev's International Patient Coordinator

Before You Book Information

Please note: If you plan to lose more than 5 pounds after a facelift, it's advised not to proceed with the surgery until you have lost all the weight you intend to lose. Otherwise, you can lose the beautiful results of Dr. Lev's work.

Before you go to Costa Rica for your surgery, it is strongly advised that you make an appointment with a dermatologist and have your facial skin checked out for signs of skin cancer. If there is skin cancer on the face, Dr. Lev cannot proceed with the surgery, so it's a good idea not to take any chances and have that checkup by a dermatologist.

Smoking - STOP IT

<b>Smoking - STOP IT</b>

If you do not stop smoking at least three weeks prior to surgery, Dr. Lev won't do your surgery. If he can tell that you smoke at your consultation appointment, he will cancel your surgery the next day and you will have wasted a lot of money either have to extend your stay by two or three weeks or go home and come back again when you stop smoking.

By the way, the no smoking rule applies as well to the use of patches or any other source of nicotine no matter how small the dose. No nicotine is allowed to be ingested in any form at least three weeks prior to surgery. Failure to comply with this rule can result in complications such as, as an example, Necrosis, which is where, due to the body's constricted blood flow caused by nicotine in the bloodstream, the fresh incisions are deprived of the proper amount of healing oxygen and can result in the skin literally turning black and dying. After a year or more, the patient ends up with an incredibly unsightly scar. If you're a lucky smoker (that is pretty much a contradiction of terms if you ask me) you will heal from the surgery without complications. It's up to the patient unless Dr. Lev can tell that you smoke at your consultation appointment, to decide whether or not it is worth taking the risk of Necrosis or to just wait till you've stopped smoking before booking your surgery.