After You Go Home Suggestions

Many patients feel insecure after they return home from Costa Rica and no longer have the convenience of a doctor close by and the watchful eye of the staff of the recovery facility where they were cared for and fed and nurtured for the last fifteen days. Sometimes a patient will want to be seen by a doctor in their home town just to be checked or just for the peace of mind of being told that everything is normal and fine and just takes time. The healing process is the hardest part of the surgery journey, in my opinion. It really does take six months for the healing process to run its course. Sometimes, with some patients it takes longer.

It's very difficult to find plastic surgeons who will see and examine another plastic surgeon's patients and that's why Dr. Lev recommends that you contact the chamber of commerce in your local area and ask them to give you the locations and phone numbers of Urgent Care Facilities closest to you.

Urgent care facilities charge you a fee to be seen by doctors on duty there. They can't turn you away, so it's a guarantee that a doctor will see you. The doctors who are on duty at an Urgent Care Facility can remove stray stitches, examine you, give you peace of mind that all is well, or refer you to someone who will take care of you if there's something that needs to be done that is out of their area of expertise.

Dr. Lev suggests that you set up a couple of Urgent care facilities before you leave for Costa Rica so you have the peace of mind of knowing in advance that if you need postop care when you return home, you'll have it.