Castañares Brow Lift

Dr. Lev has brought back an older brow lift method that was used quite a bit in Costa Rica years ago called the Castañares Brow Lift or the "Direct Approach" brow lift. The incisions are done along the top of each brow. Not everyone is a candidate for this method but if you are this is a fabulous alternative to the coronal method (the incision going across the top of the head from ear to ear) and it lasts much longer than the endoscopic method which Dr. Lev does not do. The scars are slightly visible but minimize over time. Dr. Lev's "famous" fine stitching comes in handy with this method.

Dr. Lev can look at your photos and let you know if he thinks you are a good candidate for this. If your brows are set low, or you have a very high forehead or very thin hair on top of your head, you should probably inquire about this brow lift. If your eyebrows are long, that is a good indication that this method will work well for you. Take a good close-up photo of your eyebrows and a nice front view shot of your face and send them to Dr. Lev via this contact form and he will get back to you and let you know what he thinks. You can always cover the scars with permanent makeup or an eyebrow pencil. But in most cases the scarring isn't that noticeable unless you are looking for it specifically.

Castañares Brow Lift Information Request