Endoscopic brow lift vs Classic brow lift

Many patients have heard about a "new" procedure that is replacing the old fashioned "classic brow lift" called the "endoscopic brow lift" Dr. Lev doesn't do the endoscopic brow lift....just the classic one. He says there are a few reasons why he prefers the classic procedure. First and foremost, it's the procedure he's been doing for many years and is quite proficient at it, needless to say. Secondly, he says that in reality, the only real difference between the two procedures is the size of the incisions. Both procedures require the same amount of undermining and often times there is more undermining of the muscles with the endoscopic method.

The endoscopic method uses screws, the classic method does not. The screws must be removed after a certain waiting period and sometimes the screws break. There is too much post-op care needed for the endoscopic brow lift and of course, it simply wouldn't make sense if you are traveling to Costa Rica for your surgery.

Dr. Lev says that he feels the classic brow lift lasts longer because there are considerably more inner sutures used with the classic method as compared with the endoscopic method. In addition, it seems with the endoscopic brow lift there is a higher instance of hair loss.