Important message to our patients: Please read before you send your deposit.

PLASTIC SURGERY is a partnership between surgeon and patient. Here's what we mean when we say this:

Dr. Lev always uses his renowned signature techniques on every patient. He does the SMAS lift with his own magic touch that makes his results natural and lasting.

Because the end result of plastic surgery procedures varies based on not only the doctor's skills as a plastic surgeon but also the individual patient's tissue quality, age, weight, ethnicity, fitness level, and general health, there's literally no way to gauge the extent of the improvement before the surgery. Dr. Lev uses his magic on every patient but every patient has his or her own unique outcome because no two people are alike.

Of course, we want the patients to all be thrilled with their surgery outcome, but there are times when either the patient has unrealistic expectations or their tissue strength or lack thereof is resistant to plastic surgery thereby rendering a result that isn't exactly what the patient expected. We all want perfection but, hopefully, we all also know that perfection is impossible to achieve by any standard.

Weakened tissues happen for any number of reasons. possible causes are vitamin deficiency, poor general health, allergies, prior illnesses, skin issues, medications the patient takes regularly, chronic illnesses, etc. And weakened tissues don't always render the excellent results that most of our patients enjoy.

The fact is, no matter what, you will achieve an improvement. To what extent that improvement, no one can tell in advance.

It's good to keep your expectations real. It's actually quite important to do that.

If your results are not 100% to your satisfaction it must be determined whether or not your unique healing process played a role in the final outcome or whether or not the outcome was a result of the patient not following Dr. Lev's protocols for post-op self-care. Or a combination of both of those things that can negatively effect your results.

Surgeon error is possible but is extremely rare.

Regardless of the reasons for a patient wanting to return to Costa Rica for a retouch or a re-do, it's important to understand that after the six month healing period, if the patient is unsatisfied with her results, and wants to come back to Costa Rica for a re-touch, the patient will be responsible for all expenses of the trip all over again and there's no guarantee the retouch will bring better results. If a patient's tissues are weak, they will hold the lift for a shorter span of time than a facelift on a patient with strong tissues no matter how many times the patient has the work was redone.

We urge the patients to keep their expectations realistic. I can't say this enough. If a patient is expecting perfection she will without a doubt be disappointed no matter how great the surgery turns out.

And one last thing that's important for you to know.

If you are overweight, a facelift will not make you lose weight. You will probably lose weight from having major surgery and not eating much for the first week or so after surgery. Most people do lose weight for that reason.

Dr. Lev highly recommends that you lose the weight you are planning on losing BEFORE you go down to CR for a facelift or any other surgery. If you lose more than 10 pounds after the facelift, it could affect the outcome of your surgery.

Please feel free to ask me any questions. The more questions the better. We like for our patients to be well informed before the fact. And it's important to keep your eyes on the prize. The full recovery from any major surgery is at least 6 months. Facelifts are no different.

We get people who come to Dr. Lev a week after the facelift freaking out about how they don't look like themselves, etc. People, you just relax and wait. Give it the time it needs to heal all the way. You can't possibly know the end result of your plastic surgery one, two or three weeks after the surgery. It literally takes 6 months for the healing process to run its course. Yep. It takes 6 months.

POP (multiple choice) QUIZ: How long does it take for the healing process after major surgery to run its course?

  1. One week
  2. Two Weeks
  3. Three days
  4. Six months

All kidding aside ladies and gentlemen. You really do have to keep it real. And rest assured, I'm always always here for you. You can always email me, even from Costa Rica if you want. Sometimes people want a good pep talk and I'm here to tell you if you need a pep talk.....I'm your girl!

Take care, people.

Love, Didi😘