Sample Pricing of a Face Lift and Recovery

So, I wanted to give people an idea of pricing. Let's assume that after Dr. Lev sees your photos he recommends a face lift for you that includes the neck, jowls, cheeks, upper and lower eyelids.

That surgery performed at the simple clinic costs a package price of $7700. That price includes Dr. Lev's fee, the anesthesiologist's fee, and the clinic fee combined.

Now. That face lift which includes neck, jowls, cheeks, upper and lower eyelids performed at the full service, modern, JCI accredited Cima Hospital costs a combination of Dr. Lev's "a la carte" fee ($5300) which includes the anesthesiologist's fee, PLUS approximately $5000 (approx. hospital fees) PLUS $200 for the private duty English speaking overnight nurse which adds up to approximately $10,500 more or less.

So you can see that the difference between having the surgery performed at the simple clinic.

(package price of $7700) and the modern full-service (Cima) hospital (approx. total of $10,500) is $3,300 more or less. I tell people to expect it to cost about $3500 more to have their surgery performed at the hospital than having it done at the simple clinic. It's impossible to give an exact price for the hospital bills because of the hospital charges according to how long the OR is used for your surgery and what specific medications and services you used. But the bills for the facelift including neck, jowls, cheeks, upper and lower eyelids have been coming in at around $5500 more or less. Then you have the nurse's fee and the doctors' fee added to that.

The hospital only accepts major credit cards. Dr. Lev only accepts either cash in USD or wire transfer into his Texas account.

The hospital bill (unlike the all-inclusive clinic bill) depends on the length of your surgery and the number of meds, services, and supplies used by the individual patient during their 24-hour stay.

With a facelift of any kind you need to arrange a two-week stay in San Jose, Costa Rica, preferably in one of the two recovery places we recommend to our patients. These two places that we recommend cost between $90 and $140 per night, flat, all-inclusive.

Our recommendation is based on value for the money you spend, the quality of service, proximity to Dr. Lev 's office and the quality of your accommodations. Also with each of the two places we recommend, you get no surprises at the end of your stay, on your bill. Everything is totally transparent. You pay a flat, all-inclusive price for your recovery place and that's all. There are no extras unless you incur extra costs that are not included in your daily tariff.

Email me at if you have any further questions. Also send your photos to me at that email address as well. Make sure you take clear photos in front of a plain background with good lighting. Front and side views.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!!

Love, Didi