How To Make Payments

As of January 2015 Dr. Lev is only accepting two forms of payment. Either cash (USD) or depositing the money directly into his bank account. He no longer accepts cashier's checks.

As soon as you book a date for surgery with Didi, you have two weeks to pay a deposit of $1000. You need to take the following information to your bank and they will know what to do.

Bank Of America

ABA 026009593
ACCOUNT NUMBER 488056625491
SWIFT CODE: BOFAUS6S (For foreign wires in foreign currency
SWIFT CODE: BOFAUS3N (For foreign wires in U.S dollars)

Bank Address:

Account Owner's Address:

At any time up till your consultation appointment with Dr. Lev which will likely happen the day before your surgery, you can pay the rest of the money that you owe beyond the $1000 initial deposit into his bank account or just bring the cash and pay it to him at your consultation. Also remember to bring the deposit receipts for whatever you deposited into his account prior to your trip so Dr. Lev know how much you've already paid and how much you owe.

Also, if you are using the Cima hospital instead of the clinic please bring an extra $200 in cash to give to Dr. Lev and he will pay your private duty english speaking nurse on your behalf on the day of surgery.

Clinic patients may share a nurse (who may or may not speak English) in the overnight recovery room at the clinic. There is no additional charge for the nurse at the clinic. Her fee is included in the clinic package.

It's good to have more money than you need than the other way around. And you'll need extra cash anyway for things like tips for the people who take care of you at the recovery facility or you might decide you want something extra like Botox or fillers.

You can pay the hospital fee, the dentists, the dermatologist and the recovery facility charges with a credit card. The dentists and the hospital accept all major credit cards and Dr. Sheinfeld, the dermatologist accepts ONLY Master Card or Visa. Obviously if you had to choose only one credit card to bring with you a Visa card would be the best choice since everyone (except Dr. Lev) accepts Visa.

Please note that the Cima Hospital ONLY accepts major credit cards. You bring your credit card and passport with you to the hospital the morning of your surgery when you check in.

It's a really good idea to call your credit card company before you travel and inform them that you will be using your card for large expenses in Costa Rica. Credit card companies really like when you give them a "heads up".

I always think it's nice to show appreciation to people who are taking care of me especially in a situation like postop care. You will see how hard these people work to make sure you are comfortable and well cared for every single day. So if you leave a tip for anyone, may I suggest you give it to them inside of a little card with a handwritten note saying thank you. Just a suggestion.

As far as other expenses you might incur while in Costa Rica, that will all depend on how you're feeling. You might want to take an easy tour toward the end of your stay when you're feeling better. If you're not feeling well enough don't even think about venturing out. Remember why you're in Costa Rica. Not to tour or shop but to have major surgery and then begin the recovery process before going home.

Well, that's all on the money front……at least for now.
Love, Didi