Welcome to Dr. Lev's Website!

I'm Didi Carr Reuben, Dr. Lev's International Patient Coordinator. I've been working with him since 1998. I was a person who after much research was lucky enough to find this incredible doctor and in 1997 when I was 48 I had my first face lift....yes....with Dr. Lev...yes...in Costa Rica. It was a mind-blowing experience. Too long of a story to tell here but it was so much more than I anticipated, in a good way. As soon as I was picked up at the airport I knew I was in good hands and any fears I had gone out the window upon meeting the awesome driver by the name of Carlos.

When I came home from Costa Rica after that amazing first facelift, my friends all waited to see what I looked like because none of them were exactly what I would call supportive of my going to a foreign country to have major surgery with a doctor I wouldn't meet until the day before surgery! I admit, it was a bit scary but after doing a lot of research and speaking to past patients of his I knew in my gut and in my heart that this was the doc for me.

Anyway, five minutes after I returned home and my friends saw me, they all immediately wanted to book a date for surgery with Dr. Lev and that's how it all started for me.

By now, 23 years later, all of my friends and a few relatives have been to see Dr. Lev for one procedure or another, mostly face lifts, some boob lifts, implants or reductions, tummy tucks, etc.

A few friends also had full mouth restoration at the dentists down there that we recommend. They do a gorgeous job for a third of the price of dentists in the states.

I went on to have another facelift with Dr. Lev in 2007 when I was 58. And my third one (and last) was last July 2019 when I was 70. The photos below are of me taken yesterday on my computer's photo booth app while sitting at my desk.

I'm 71. It's amazing to me that after 3 facelifts over a 23-year span of time, I still don't think I look like I've been over-stretched. I had excellent skin quality, to begin with, and my skin tone is olive. Olive skinned people seem to have thicker, more elastic skin and tend to have the best results.

Please feel free to have a look around the website. You can see some photos of some of our patients who were happy to let us use their photos on our website. If you click on their face it will lead you to more photos or at least one other photo of them before surgery. A couple of patients put many photos showing their progress from Day 1 till Day 15 of their "adventure" in Costa Rica.

A lot of your questions will be answered somewhere on this website so keep browsing around and if you have further questions please email me at trlwd2@gmail.com. I love and welcome questions. In the meantime, stay safe, healthy and hopefully we'll see you in Costa Rica one day.

I look forward to being your guide, troubleshooter, ear, shoulder, therapist, advisor, buddy, truthteller. Yes, I tell the truth. I don't sugar coat anything about this experience and one of the first things I tell people is that this is not for everyone. It takes a lot of guts to get on a plane and fly to a foreign country to get major surgery done by a doctor you've never met. Trust me, I know this.

Ok, so here's me at age 71. I'm only wearing a little lipstick and no other makeup. My hair's a mess but hey...what the heck. You can still see how Dr. Lev took at least 10 years off of my age with his magical hands. He's a true artist. I hope you get to meet him one day.

Pura Vida!!!
Love, Didi