My name is Lynn, and I'm 61 (62 in December). I was reading on Facelift reviews just the other day and someone said that when she turned 60 her face just started to droop. I related to that quite a bit. Not that I didn't already have a head start by the time I got to 60, but it seemed that after I turned 60, everyday that I looked in the mirror, my face was more droopy. What was worse was catching my reflection when I was out and about: at the mall, at the bank, in the rear-view mirror. It was like, "Who is that lady?" It wasn't me, that's for sure!

But I was also (and still am) wrinkled from spending early years in Southern California near the beaches. I did not take care of my skin. My wrinkles are also hereditary; my mom was pretty wrinkled.

It took me until my 61st birthday to decide, "Yes, I want a facelift." And since we were living in Costa Rica, a place where people come from all over the world for cosmetic surgery, I thought, "This is the time and the place."

My main concerns were my "turkey neck" and my jowls. I knew that there was no miracle surgery that was going to turn back the clock removing all my sags and wrinkles. Or if there was I certainly couldn't afford it. I knew my results were going to be limited, especially at my age, but the turkey neck and jowls had to go!

My Facebook post resulted in a recommendation, after she had done extensive research, she said, for a plastic surgeon in San Jose, Dr. Alejandro Lev . I could find no negative search results for Dr. Lev. But I didn't really find many websites with reviews for plastic surgeons in Costa Rica, period.

I did see another plastic surgeon at CIMA Hospital in Escazu, but was unimpressed by his manner and of his "before and after" pictures. He also told me that I would go home the day after surgery. I already knew that Dr. Lev recommended a one or two week post-surgery stay at a recovery clinic, so I was surprised by his matter-of-fact attitude toward this. Looking ahead, my one-week stay in the clinic was the smartest thing I could have done. It was invaluable!

I was still undecided about who I would have do my surgery, but I started communications with Didi at Dr. Lev's office. Well, not exactly at his office. She actually lives in the Los Angeles area. She is the liaison for Dr. Lev for individuals in the States that want to make the trip to Costa Rica for surgery. Besides helping arrange for the surgery, she will help to get you there. I believe she is also responsible for the web page. She is great! She is professional, but very personable, and has a great sense of humor. Keep reading on her blog

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