1 month post op photo & before photo


June 2021

While waiting in a doctor's office, I read an article in a magazine by someone who had cosmetic surgery with a Dr. Alejandro Lev in Costa Rica, I jotted down the information as I had thought about getting a facelift in one of the world's top medical tourism countries.

I researched Dr. Lev extensively and was impressed with the number of before and after images he had on his site ( Many sites showed just a few images. His site also contained detailed information which helped me understand what was involved.

I contacted his office and was immediately impressed by his USA liaison, Didi. She answered all my questions, which were many, to my complete satisfaction.

This entire experience left me in awe of not only Dr. Lev's skill as a cosmetic surgeon but how seamless the entire procedure from beginning to end was.

My results are beyond my expectations. Not only is my own result astounding but several women who I met while in the recovery center were equally as ecstatic with their results by Dr. Lev as I was.

I would not hesitate a nano second recommending Dr. Lev and his team to anyone looking for a 5 star cosmetic surgeon.

-Linda K-

Me four days after surgery


Me 10 days after surgery


Me 6 weeks after surgery


Stay tuned for Linda’s two month postop photo