Linda B

From take-off to landing my surgery experience in Costa Rica was perfection. First of all I chose Dr Alejandro Lev for my surgeon. After consulting with his US coordinator I was very confident. She was so thorough and detail oriented. She answered every question large or small promptly and with a great sense of humor!

When I first met Dr Lev I was relieved and relaxed. He was so professional and kind. He spent time explaining every detail of the entire procedure. I had my surgery at Santa Lucia Clinic. It was spotlessly clean and my nurse stayed right next to me all night.

Ruben the owner of Chetica Ranch was waiting there the next morning to pick me up. I stayed at Chetica for 2 weeks. I love Chetica. I was always under the care of a wonderful nurse. The setting is so gorgeous and I met many interesting women to befriend. It is the perfect spot to relax and recover. Every 3 days I had an appointment with Dr Lev. I was so amazed at what little bruising I had...just a round bruise on my left cheek. I know it was due to his skill and expertise ...but I think it also was his gentle touch.

I was so pleased with my firm neck, his precise stitches around my ears and smooth cheeks. You can see for yourself how little bruising I had. I'll attach some pictures. Please don't hesitate about going to Costa Rica with Dr Lev. It has been 6 weeks. I just had an appointment with my dermatologist here at home. She was SO impressed and wanted Dr Lev"s information for her mother and mother-in-law.

Dr Lev and Chetica Ranch... the perfect combination for your surgery experience!

Before and After Pictures for Linda B

Linda B Costa Rican Facelift with Dr. Lev