For those of you considering coming to Costa Rica and having Dr Lev as your surgeon:

If you have gotten this far in your exploration to have your surgery outside of the US due to costs - look no further. Dr Lev is a highly skilled plastic surgeon with an expertise in stitching that is unparalleled. He is also a kind, caring and compassionate man who absolutely loves what he does and it shows in the results of his surgery and the way he treats his patients. Listen to his recommendations for your procedures - he will explain what you need and why you need it - he will also show you where your scars are going to be so pay close attention to what he tells you and there will no hidden surprises when you are out of surgery.

Having worked in hospitals on and off for over 40 years I can say at no time did I ever feel like my health or safety was compromised during my face lift and breast reduction surgeries. All of my co-workers and my medical doctor (I work in a hospital in the med/surg department) thought I was crazy for coming here. As I told them it is a leap of faith whenever ANY doctor performs plastic surgery on your face and your results can vary due to the way each individuals body heals. I have had outstanding results so far and all my friends cannot believe the pictures they have been seeing.

Please come prepared knowing that the surgery has its quirks - in the beginning you can't chew as you can barely open your mouth to brush your teeth. Your face and neck are extremely tight and numb and the staples in your scalp will drive you crazy - but it does get better little by little and in the end the results are SO VERY WORTH IT!

I absolutely would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Lev and his wonderful anesthesiologist. I typically get very nauseated with general anesthesia and both procedures went without a single bout of it.

My last bit of advice is trust Didi - she is a wonderful resource to you and will you stellar advice.

Thanks Didi for everything that you have done.