These are my before photos and photos were taken three weeks post facelift.

I began researching facelifts about five or six years ago and was very confident that I wanted one, just not sure who would be the best doctor. It became very evident that Dr. Lev was the one I would go with. I searched for ANY negative comments on Dr. Lev and after much digging found one, maybe two. Upon reading the comments though, it was clear they were from patients who would have been unhappy no matter who had performed their pleasing some people, no matter what!

I began emailing Didi, Dr. Lev's stateside Rep and she instantly replied, answering any and all questions and concerns I had. I wanted to have the surgery that year, but could not get the ducks in a row, but I guaranteed her I would be back in touch.

Fast forward five years and I was ready and able to get it done. Didi was so patient and kind to me and that initial contact with her is one of the main reasons I knew I was choosing the right doctor!

Once I chose Dr. Lev, there was the decision of where to recover and I chose Casa Mercedes. I liked that it was just a block away from Dr. Lev's office, which is located inside a small shopping mall. I knew I would most likely get antsy during recovery and the idea of strolling to a little mall as I recovered made me feel like I had a familiar pattern I could follow whilEvery day from home.

Everyday, I find myself excited and anticipating that first look in the mirror. It had become a bit of a dread...that first look in the mirror! I had a full face lift and an under eye lift and a neck lift. Dr. Lev initially had said from the photos I sent to him that I could use an upper brow lift. Upon his initial exam, he said I would do better with a coronal lift. To me, I would think that would have cost more, as it lifts not only your brows but your entire forehead...good bye stubborn worry lines! Right then and there he gave me $500 back! I was stunned and can most certainly guarantee that very few doctors would hand cash back...they would offer to do something that you really didn't need or want, but never hand money back! This of course speaks to Dr. Lev's integrity and honesty. I am not even a month out from my surgery, but I could not be more pleased with the outcome already.

Do your homework ladies and gents, you will be hard pressed to find a more gifted doctor than Dr. Lev! Family and friends swear I look like I could pass for my daughter's age, that's 31 years old! The overriding comment is how much I look exactly like myself, only much younger!

An additional note when you begin looking at recovery options. As mentioned, I went with Casa Mercedes for the location but as I recovered there, it was such a great decision for many other reasons as well. The healthy and delicious food, the cleanliness of the home, and finally the owner herself, Mercedes. I was not able to take strong pain pills post surgery as they have always made me throw up, very sensitive stomach. So, crazy gal that I am I knew pain could last only so long and I would limp along with Tylenol!

The day I returned from the clinic where I spent the first night, my stomach was very queasy from the anesthesia and I could tell it would take nothing for me to throw up. I hate throwing everything I can in normal situations to avoid it. Having just returned from a full face lift, with a head bandaged up like a comical mummy, eyes swollen almost shut....throwing up was the last thing I wanted to do. I arrived at Mercedes home and within minutes I knew I was going to, so she quickly walked me to the bathroom...stayed right with me until I was finished, then quickly ran to get me some sort of med that almost instantly stopped my queasiness... and it never returned!

Mercy has been doing this job for 20 plus years and it is very evident. She is a lovely, strong, very wise woman! She takes care of her patients like we were an extended part of her family. Another patient and I have sat around in the evening talking about our families and our lives with Mercy as if we had known each other for our whole lives. Again, do your research folks, and if you would like to recuperate in a place that makes you feel like you are at your favorite Auntie's home, go with Casa Mercedes!

I will forever be grateful to Dr. Lev and his top notch staff for turning back the clock for me!

Kathy G