When in Costa Rica

Please read this information. It could prove to be important to you when you're in Costa Rica for your surgery.

First of all I'll start by saying that in Costa Rica people who own B&B's and recovery places, taxi drivers, Uber drivers, other patients and other businesses will recommend to you dentists or drivers or plastic surgeons who pay them a commission for recommending them. These people don't have your best interest in mind, but more the quid pro quo of recommendation in exchange for money or recommendations or both.

We have a few recommendations we'd like you to pay attention to. We don't get commissions from them. There's nothing in it for us other than to recommend the people we stand behind because of the quality of their services, period. For instance, people will urge you to go to "their" dentist. Or a cab driver will "recommend" a dentist or plastic surgeon to you that will be "cheaper" than the one you are using. I have a few sad tales I'd be happy to share with you if you're interested. Ask me about it and I'll be happy to share those stories, but please, I can't encourage you enough to just trust Dr. Lev and me and the people we recommend.

You've already booked surgery with Dr. Lev so I don't have to tell you who we recommend for plastic surgery! The ONLY dental office we stand behind and highly recommend is Prisma Dental. They've been my own (and my husband's) dentists for 20 years. And they've been Dr. Lev's and his entire family's dentists for more than 3 decades. If you want excellent dental work for any dental problems, issues or cosmetic improvements, here is a link you can fill out and click send in. Someone from the office will get back to you within a day or two to discuss your needs and give you pricing. They're not the cheapest dentists in Costa Rica but ask yourself if that's really what you want. The "cheapest" dentist? Or would you prefer to spend a bit more and get the best dentists who do nothing but quality work and have a lab right there on the premises. Here's the initial inquiry form. https://eternallyvain.com/dentist-request-form/

Keep in mind, these recommendations come from years of trial and error and settling on what we feel are the best options in these areas to any other.

At the moment we are recommending two recovery places. Tiger's Den Recovery (tiger@good4ubaby.com) which is a homestay and an intimate setting with an excellent caregiver and chef who will take care of you beautifully as you maneuver your way through the most miserable days following surgery. Her fee is $125 per day flat all inclusive EXCEPT for rides.

You have to arrange your rides with the driver we recommend by the name of Carlos (ecogreentrans@gmail.com). He gives the patients a flat rate of $180 for all the rides to and from Dr. Lev's office and the airport and clinic. We have made a deal with him to be sure not to just drop the patient off at the appointment but to park the car and escort the patient into the appointment, wait for them and then take them back. Taxis and Ubers don't provide that service which the patients have found invaluable. So if you stay with Tiger for 15 days including two days prior to surgery and 12 days after, she'll give you a free night so you would only have to pay for 14 nights. That adds up (with the free night) to $1750. And Carlos's flat $180 for all rides amortizes out to $12 a day, so adding together the daily fees for Tiger and Carlos you're looking at $117 (Tiger) + $12 (Carlos) = total cost for lodging, meals and rides is $129 per day flat ALL inclusive based on a 15 day stay.

The second place we recommend is Verdeza. My contact there is Alejandra Zamora (alejandra.zamora@verdeza.com). Built about 7 years ago as an independent/assisted living residence, they allow our patients to use they vacant rooms. It's like staying in a small boutiquey type of private hospital with 24/7 nursing station and each large room/residence has two pull cords to summon an RN to your room. You order your meals off of a menu and the food gets delivered to your room for no extra fees. They include meals, rides, laundry, daily housekeeping, leather recliner chair, table and two chairs, a small efficiency kitchen, flat screen tv, wifi and internet, etc. They invite our patients to join in with their residents when they have activities or entertainment. You will get everything you need without having to think about anything. It's all taken care of for you. An RN comes in daily to take your vitals. It's a place that makes you feel like you're in a loving, caring and professional recovery place. Verdeza charges a flat, all inclusive $150 per day. It's more, but you get a lot more and it's more private for the patient who doesn't want to interact with others while they're navigating their recovery. You can stay in your room (with ample bathroom and walk in shower with a shower chair) all you want. When I recovered there I didn't leave my room for 2 weeks!!!! But that's just me. BTW they don't always have availability so you have to keep your fingers crossed for them to have space for you.

Anyway, the most important message here at the moment is to ask you to be highly aware that you may very well be approached by either the recovery place or other patients staying in the same place or taxi drivers or Uber drivers to try to convince you to go to their doctors, dentists, etc. because "they are THE best!!!"

As I said earlier, if you want to hear some stories about people who listened to others about where to go for any medical/dental treatment or procedure after they went down to CR, thinking they've already made all the careful and researched decisions before they get there, I'm your girl. Just ask.

Conversely, when other doctors' patients were recovering with our patients at recovery places in the past, they couldn't help but notice a huge difference in the way they were treated by their doctors and the way Dr. Lev's patients were treated (not just by Dr. Lev but by yours truly as well long before they ever went to Costa Rica in the first place) and they could see for themselves the difference between their doctor's response and post-op "care" and Dr. Lev's response and post op care. At that point the issue of money wasn't an issue anymore at all. Suddenly it's all about giving the patients the feeling of security and confidence in the doctors, not to mention the difference in the quality of the work from one doctor to another.

I do have another place we recommend but for now, these two are at the top of our list. If somehow neither of these places work for you for some reason whether it be they have no space for you or they are too expensive, let me know. There is a less expensive place that's a possibility for you too, but remember....when you're talking about your body and your safety and your health, money should be the very last thing on your priority list especially since you will be doing this amazing (and anxiety-producing) thing far away from your loved ones.

Love, Didi😘