Upon Arrival

What To Expect and Do When You Arrive At The Airport In San Jose.

When you get through customs and head out of the airport, before you get completely outside, you will be "accosted" by a hundred guys who want you to take their taxi. Just smile and say, "No, gracias" and keep walking out of the terminal.

When you get outside, just keep looking around for the sign that has your name on it. There will be a crowd outside waiting for their loved ones and it might seem overwhelming to you if you don't see the sign with your name on it immediately. Don't panic. Someone will be there for sure. Just keep looking for the person holding the sign with your name on it.

Once you hook up with someone from the recovery retreat staff, all will be right with the world. You'll be driven back to the recovery facility and so shall begin your amazing adventure..one you are never going to forget..and I mean that in the most positive sense.

May I say that in all the years of doing this work, not one person has been left stranded at the airport. Everyone has been picked up!

Travel safe! Pura Vida!!
Love, Didi