The Two Weeks Following your Surgery

Dr. Lev wanted to make sure that I included on his site, his views about your first two weeks after surgery when you are at the recovery facility. The way you treat yourself those first couple of weeks after your surgery, particularly if you've had a facelift, tummy tuck, liposuction or breast reduction/lift are essential to your entire healing process. Dr. Lev says that those first two weeks are what set the stage for the rest of your recovery, which takes a full six months.

What has prompted Dr. Lev to ask me to have this added to the website is that time and again, we see patients who, after three or four days, start getting bored and antsy and feel the need to spring free of the recovery facility and go sightseeing. Their bodies are feeling pretty good after the initial bandages come off and the first of the stitches are removed. Their minds have already started thinking about what tours they can take and where they can go shopping for souvenirs and when is the soonest they can get the heck out of there and see Costa Rica.

It's difficult to fight those feelings of wanting to break out and explore. And when patients follow their instincts and go on those tours, they usually regret it in the end. Their bodies start to fade by mid-afternoon and then all they want to do is get into bed and instead they are stuck on some tour an hour and a half drive away from that bed.

So the patient ends up having to recover not only from their surgery, but from the tour they took.

Dr. Lev suggests that anyone who wants to see his amazingly beautiful country of Costa Rica, do so BEFORE their surgery, not after. Spend those precious two weeks at the recovery facility concentrating on recovering. Doing this will get your six month recovery process off to a great start.

Pura Vida!!