Most of the patients who come to CR for surgery with Dr. Lev are lovely people, but to be honest, every once in awhile there is a person who does not "work and play well with others" and when you're staying in an "intimate" environment with such a personality, you are probably better off staying in the sanctuary of your room where you have your own private space that no one can impinge upon. You can even ask for your meals to be brought to your room.

For more privacy all around, we offer another recovery place, very different from Casa Mercedes but also a good option for recovery and it's called Verdeza.

Verdeza is a facility built in 2014 primarily as an independent/assisted residence. It has a 24/7 nurses station and nursing care at the pull of a calling cord by the toilet and bed. They provide an electric hospital bed if requested, or a queen size regular bed, a leather electric lounge chair, large walk in shower in a large bathroom with plenty of storage space, three meals and snacks per day you can order off of a menu (there's an in house chef) and the food is either delivered to your room or you can have your meals (when you are feeling better) in the dining room served by a waiter. You never have to see another person other than the nurses and/or nurses' aides who come to visit you in your room to check on you, clean your room, bring your meals during the days. And you can limit those visits as you wish by just telling the RN on duty.

Outside of your room there are lovely wide hallways and a couple of outdoor spaces that you can enjoy as a change of atmosphere if you'd like to get out of your private room for awhile. You never have to interact with anyone or if you want, you can join in on any of the programs that Verdeza offers to their residents. They're very nice there about inviting our patients to join in their in-house actives and events as spectators or you can join in if you're feeling up to it. It's all very much up to you whether or not you interact with others during your stay.

Verdeza's prices include tax, meals, snacks, laundry, wifi, internet, international calls to the US and Canada, nursing care by RNs, rides to and from the airport, Dr. Lev's office for consultation and post-op visits for stitch removal, and the clinic drop off on surgery day and pick up the next day plus "escort service" where the driver parks the car and escorts you inside the clinic or hospital and stays with you until you are successfully admitted.

For all Dr. Lev patients they offer a flat, all-inclusive nightly rate of $125. It's a great deal for what you get because that price includes everything including a 13% tax that other recovery places add on at the end of your stay. The other places also add on "surprise" charges at the end of your stay and most of these other places don't include all your post-op rides to and from the doctor's office. Verdeza includes your pre and post-op rides to Dr. Lev's office, etc in their nightly $125 rate.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like me to send you some date options. Let me know when you want to do this. I'll take a look at the schedule and let you know what's available around the time you would like to have the surgery.

Email me at with questions or a booking request.

Take care. I look forward to hearing from you and getting you all set up for this amazing, unforgettable, transformative "adventure".

Love, Didi


As difficult as it is to believe, there have been some patients who book their stay at Verdeza act as if they are going to the Ritz Carlton or Four Seasons Hotel and Spa. If you happen to be one of those people, let me tell you here and now that your expectations are completely unrealistic. This is a place to recover with people who are doing their best to help you with your recovery and your overall expepost-oppost op. My person down there who is my Verdeza contact is Alejandra Zamora and her email address is Please keep that email address handy and if there's anything you need, email her from your room during business hours and she will do her best to take care of your needs. If it's an emergency situation in the middle of the night, you can press the nurse's call button in your room and a nurse will come to your room.

The people that work at Verdeza do their best to assist our patients. We are actually quite lucky that they allow Dr. Lev's patients to take a room there because it's primarily a residence for senior citizens who may or may not need nursing care.

We've had patients who've been extremely rude to the people down there. It is unacceptable behavior for any patient to be rude, demanding, nasty or any other negative behavior to the nurses and aides who are doing their best to help you.

Perhaps some of these folks who work at Verdeza don't aspire to the high standards and expectations you may have when you go to a place for recovery after a major surgery. You are in a foreign country where people's expectations may not be on par with yours so you need to exercise patience, control and good manners with these people even when you are unhappy with the way they are helping you. I say this because lately we've had several patients who acted like the "Ugly Americans" we are unfortunately known to be by people from other countries. I'm sure most of the people reading this are shocked to hear about people who treat others this way, but that's the reality.

I have decided that I I hear any reports from Ms. Zamora or Mercedes Castro of Casa Mercedes about any patient of ours who stayed there to recover, acting in a negative and disparaging way toward the staff, the drivers, the housekeepers, the caregivers, I will not work with that patient again in the future. That is my choice and my decision. I cannot tolerate this sort of behavior from people I book for surgery. I treat everyone with love and respect when I'm working with them prior to going to Costa Rica for their surgery with the wonderful Dr. Lev. I expect the same in return and that expectation of mine extends to the people working at both Verdeza and Casa Mercedes.


Love, Didi

Verdeza's Recovery Option Promotion (limited time only)

Alejandea Zamora, the head of marketing and sales at Verdeza has just posted a special promotional plan for Dr. Lev's patients. She has reduced the cost of the rooms. You get an amazing amount of amenities for a ridiculously affordable price.

14+ Day Stay7 - 13 Day Stay1 - 6 Day Stay
Comfort Room - $140 per night Comfort Room - $150 per night Comfort Room - $160 per night
Superior Room - $150 per night Superior Room - $160 per night Superior Room - $170 per night

For 2 patients sharing a room for a minimum of 14 days-$250 ($125 per patient) per day, flat, all-inclusive.

Guest staying in the room with the patient will be charged $50 per day to cover food and lodging. A guest can only stay with the patient in a "Superior Room" since the "Comfort Room" size is too small for two people.

Verdeza Picture colage

Here's what you get at Verdeza

  • All taxes and government fees
  • Large private room with designer decor
  • Large walk-in shower and shower chair. (Walker and raised toilet seat provided by request)
  • Plenty of storage space for toiletries and personal things.
  • Three main meals (plus two in-between meal snacks upon request) prepared by the "in-house" chef.
  • Electric, adjustable hospital bed (by request).
  • Electric recliner chair in every room
  • Emergency nurse's call cord by the bed and also by the toilet.
  • 24 hour a day on-call on-premise nurse.
  • There is a small library filled with books that you may borrow during your stay. The "library" also contains two desktop computers and all guests are welcome to use them to Skype with their friends and family.
  • Central air controls in every room plus ceiling fan.
  • Large flat screen tv with cable channels (many in english or english subtitles)
  • Microwave oven and small fridge provided in each room.
  • Free Laundry (20 pounds per stay).
  • Free international calling to USA and Canadá from the privacy of your room.
  • Free Wifi and Internet access.
  • Because Verdeza is a small private assisted and independent living facility, there are always activities, events and programs taking place. Our patients are welcome to participate in any of the activities or events that may take place at Verdeza during your stay. Or you can choose to stay in the quiet privacy of your room. The choice is always yours to make.
  • Verdeza is walking distance to Cima Hospital, IMAX Theaters, many upscale restaurants (PF CHANG's just opened there in November of 2014), "Avenida Escazu" which is the most elegant, modern area in San Jose featuring the first Apple Store in Costa Rica plus high end, upscale shops galore.

Private Nurse

Verdeza is now offering to our patients the services of a private duty English speaking RN for either an 8 hour or a 12 hour shift for the first 24 hours after returning from the hospital or clinic the day after surgery.

The cost is $160 for an 8 hour shift and $240 for a 12 hour shift. Please let Verdeza know on your form if you want that service. We've had so many patients who've asked for this service and finally it is now available to our patients.

Personally I think it's well worth it to have a private RN in your room with you for at least 12 hours after you've returned from the hospital or clinic. A lot of times patients are still disoriented from the anesthesia when they come back to the recovery place the day after surgery. It's nice to have someone there with you in your room to take care of any needs you may have that requires assistance. You would also be assisted in the taking of your antibiotics which you must take twice a day for five days after returning from the hospital or clinic.

Since this is a new added service, I'm going to ask Alejandra Zamora ( to add the option to the forms you need to fill out when you register there


I'm asked this question a lot. "How much should I allow for tips?" My suggestion is this (and this is what I did when I recovered at Verdeza when I had my tummy tuck). I put two $100 bills into a thank you note, thanking the staff and individuals who helped me during my stay and handed the envelope to Alejandra Zamora or Ofelia Ramirez. What they do is gather the staff together and read them the notes from each patient and then they put the money into a "pool" to pay for a great holiday party for the staff twice a year. What a great idea. An awesome party sponsored by our grateful patients!

Example itineraries

The team at Verdeza is very professional and thorough. One example of the many things they do to is is, they make up itineraries for each individual patient and it’s placed in the patient’s room so they know their schedule. Here’s an example of one of the itineraries.

Contact Verdeza