Recovery Places

With any face lift we recommend a two week stay. For tummy tuck surgery we recommend a three week stay. It takes Dr. Lev 11 days just to remove all the face lift stitches which he does incrementally. And with the tummy tucks, you need to be draining LESS THAN 30CC's of fluids in a 24 hour period before they can be removed and that can take at least 3 weeks.

We recommend two recovery places that fit into most people's budgets. After researching other places we've chosen the ones we feel give the best post op care, are the most conveniently located to Dr. Lev's office, the clinic and hospital and have access to Dr. Lev's office over flat, level streets as opposed to up and down bumpy narrow and windy mountain roads. And these two places give you the most for your money with no "surprise" costs added to your bill at the end of your stay. You know exactly what you are paying for up front with our two recommended recovery places.

One place we recommend is a "homestay" called Casa Mercedes where you would be living in the home of the caregiver, Mercedes Castro who's been caring for plastic surgery patients for over 20 years. Her home is only two blocks away from Dr. Lev's office which is quite a nice little perk.

She offers three rooms that are $85, $90 and $95 per night, flat, all-inclusive. When I say all-inclusive I mean that with that room fee you get a private room and bath, flatscreen tv with cable channels, electric hospital bed, laundry, wifi, internet, international phone calls to the US and Canada, three home cooked meals a day plus snacks, all rides to and from the airport, the doctor's office for pre and post op visits, the clinic or hospital on surgery day with pick up the next day, "escort service" where the driver parks the car and escorts you inside the clinic or hospital and waits with you until you are successfully admitted for surgery. Those fees also are inclusive of all taxes. Other places don't include 13% tax in their posted prices. The only extra costs would be tips you would want to leave for anyone in the house who you would like to "thank" with a little cash and if you wanted extra meds that weren't already supplied to you by Dr. Lev.

(Please note that when giving cash tips to people, it's nicer to put the cash into a thank you note as opposed to just handing them the cash).

The only downside to staying at Casa Mercedes is that you are staying with other patients in a private home and therefore you will be in close proximity to other patients and other personalities sharing the same common areas outside of your private room. Sometimes personalities clash between patients and that's where problems can arise.

Most of the patients who come to CR for surgery with Dr. Lev are lovely people, but to be honest, every once in awhile there is a person who does not "work and play well with others" and when you're staying in an "intimate" environment with such a personality, you are probably better off staying in the sanctuary of your room where you have your own private space that no one can impinge upon. You can even ask for your meals to be brought to your room.

For more privacy all around, we offer another recovery place, called Verdeza.

Verdeza is more of a small, exclusive and private hospital/residence (built in 2014) that was built as an independent/assisted living place with 24/7 nurses station and nursing care at the pull of a calling cord by the toilet and bed. They provide an electric hospital bed if requested, a leather electric lounge chair, large walk in shower in a large bathroom with plenty of storage space, three meals and snacks per day you can order off of a menu (there's an in house chef) and the food is either delivered to your room or you can have your meals (when you are feeling better) in the dining room served by a waiter. You never have to see another person other than the RN who comes to visit you in your room and the other caregivers there who come to your room to check on you during the days. And you can limit those visits as you wish by just telling the RN.

Outside of your room there are lovely wide hallways and a couple of outdoor spaces that you can enjoy as a change of atmosphere if you'd like to get out of your private room for awhile. You never have to interact with anyone or if you want, you can join in on any of the programs that Verdeza offers to their residents. They're very nice there about inviting our patients to join in their in-house actives and events as spectators or you can join in if you're feeling up to it. It's all very much up to you whether or not you interact with others during your stay.

Verdeza's prices include tax, meals, snacks, laundry, wifi, internet, international calls to the US and Canada, nursing care by RNs, rides to and from the airport, Dr. Lev's office for consultation and post op visits for stitch removal, and the clinic drop off on surgery day and pick up the next day plus "escort service" where the driver parks the car and escorts you inside the clinic or hospital and stays with you until you are successfully admitted.

There are two packages with Verdeza. One is $125 per night flat, all-inclusive and the other is $140 per night flat all inclusive. The biggest difference in the pricing is that with the $125 a night price you get one visit per day from the RN and with the $140 per night you get unlimited visits per day from an RN, as many as you feel you need. The visits are to check on you and to make sure you're taking your meds, answer any questions or assist you in any way.

If you take the $125 package, you pay $20 ("Ala carte") for every extra visit from an RN that you request over and above the once-a-day visit.

As an example of the benefit of an "all inclusive" price versus the price that does not include tax, the $125 a day Verdeza package, without the hotel tax included would be $110 per day. Our two recovery places add tax into the "all-inclusive" price so that there are no surprises at the end of your stay. Hotel taxes can add a lot to your costs so we decided it's better to have pricing that includes the 13% hotel tax so the patients know up front, in advance, the exact amount they will be paying.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like me to send you some date options. Let me know when you want to do this. I'll take a look at the schedule and let you know what's available around the time you would like to have the surgery.

Email me at with questions or a booking request.

Take care. I look forward to hearing from you and getting you all set up for this amazing, unforgettable, transformative "adventure".

Love, Didi

Casa Mercedes

Casa Mercedes


Casa Mercedes

PLEASE NOTE: As beautiful as the CHE TICA RANCH is, we have had to discontinue recommending them as a place to stay post op. The main reason is because it is located quite far away from Dr. Lev's office, the hospital and clinic. Unfortunately, over the last two years, the traffic in San Jose has gotten progressively worse. It can literally take up to an hour in each direction to take patients to and from Dr. Lev 's office for all post op care. We feel it's too stressful for patients who are just recently out of surgery to have to sit in an SUV in heavy traffic for what could easily amount to a two hour round-trip not counting the 30 minute appointment with Dr. Lev to remove stitches which he does incrementally over an 11 day period. That said, if you still would like to recover at Che Tica having been informed of the traffic situation, you are certainly most welcome to do so.