Recovery Places

With any facelift we recommend a two-week stay. For tummy tuck surgery we recommend a three-week stay. It takes Dr. Lev 11 days just to remove all the facelift stitches which he does incrementally. And with the tummy tucks, you need to be draining LESS THAN 30CC's of fluids in a 24 hour period before they can be removed and that can take at least 3 weeks.

We recommend these recovery places that fit into most people's budgets. After researching other places we've chosen the ones we feel give the best post-op care, are the most conveniently located to Dr. Lev's office, the clinic, and the hospital.


We also have another place that allows patients to stay there on a case-by-case basis. It's called Verdeza and it was actually built as an independent/assisted living residence. It is a relatively new building so everything is modern and clean. The room is large and you have a pull cord by the bed and toilet that calls the nurse to your room. The nightly rate there is a flat $150 and that includes taxes, three meals a day, a private large room and large bathroom with a walk-in shower, the food you order off a menu, daily visits from the RN who comes in to check on you and take your vitals and give you your meds, a 24/7 nurse's station, laundry and daily cleaning of the room. I've personally recovered at Verdeza and because I'm a private person, I loved the privacy factor and also that I could communicate with their in house chef as to what I wanted to eat or drink and they included free delivery of meals to my room. I had a small kitchenette area and table with four chairs in my room. It was very comfortable to dine in my own room while watching my flat screen tv with cable channels. Verdeza also includes all your rides to and from the doctor's office and the clinic and airport and the driver escorts you to your appointments and waits for you and then takes you back to Verdeza.

Contact for Verdeza - Alejandra Zamora -

Tiger's Den Recovery

We also have a lovely lady by the name of Tiger Roth who is the owner/operator of Tiger's Den Recovery. She has a couple of lovely rooms including one large-sized room on the ground level (no stairs to climb) of her home for our patients. The rooms have their own bathroom.

Tiger is a talented and versatile chef who cooks your meals according to your dietary preferences. She serves home-cooked fresh foods and can cook in any style, gearing to your dietary needs, likes and dislikes.

She also checks on you a few times a day, to make sure you're ok and everything is as it should be. She manages your meds and makes you as comfortable as possible. I like her very much. I paid her a visit the last time I was in San Jose and loved her set up. I even sampled some of her cooking. YUMMY!!

She has a special price for Dr. Lev's patients who book/stay for a minimum of 15 days which is the length of time we recommend for patients having a facelift. For patients having a tummy tuck, the recommended amount of time to stay would be 22 days. She charges a flat $125 a day, all-inclusive (except for rides) of taxes, three meals a day, free wifi, internet access, Cable tv, medicine management, and a lot of personal one-on-one care, etc. As a special BONUS she will give one free night for every 15 day stay or longer.

The driver we use, Carlos, Rojas who charges our patients a flat $180 for a total 15 day stay includes taking you to your appointments with Dr. Lev, the clinic and of course the airport upon arrival and departure. He doesn't just drop you off. He will park the car and escort you inside to all your appointments (total 4 round trip appts with Dr. Lev, to and from the clinic and to and from the airport) and wait for you until you are done with your appointment, and then take you back to Tiger's. It's a great service. It makes the patients feel more comfortable to have an escort for their appointments. Carlos is loved by all the patients. His package price of $180 for all rides is very reasonable for what you get. He knows the drill, OUR drill, where everything is located so you don't have to think about it. Just let him know when you have to be at Dr. Lev's and when your surgery date is and leave the rest to him. He's got a personality that doesn't quit and speaks fluent english.

Tiger has two adorable dogs who stay with her in the back of the house where she lives. They're so so sweet and have proven to be very therapeutic for people recovering who love and appreciate animals.

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Contact Carlos to hire him for rides -

PLEASE NOTE: As beautiful as the CHE TICA RANCH is, we have had to discontinue recommending them as a place to stay post op. The main reason is because it is located quite far away from Dr. Lev's office, the hospital and clinic. Unfortunately, over the last two years, the traffic in San Jose has gotten progressively worse. It can literally take up to an hour in each direction to take patients to and from Dr. Lev 's office for all post op care. We feel it's too stressful for patients who are just recently out of surgery to have to sit in an SUV in heavy traffic for what could easily amount to a two hour round-trip not counting the 30 minute appointment with Dr. Lev to remove stitches which he does incrementally over an 11 day period. That said, if you still would like to recover at Che Tica having been informed of the traffic situation, you are certainly most welcome to do so.