Julie's Suggestion List of What to Bring

Sometimes after surgery you really may not feel hungry when they bring your food and it’s just nice to have snacks you like “just in case”. You can always leave your leftover snacks behind for other patients or for the sweet staff!

Shower Cap
Triphala – natural indian herb (laxative) that helps you “stay regular”…. Wonderful thing! (http://vitacost.com)
Hand Sanitizer, Wet Ones Wipes (just my little obsessive thing!)
Dryer Sheets (Obsessive me! Line my suitcase & drawers at recovery center with them!)
Packs of Hot Chocolate, Crystal Light individual packets, tea bags, preferred sweetener
Micro wave Popcorn
Lip Balm
Almonds (Emerald Dry Roasted, Cinnamon & Cocoa)
Skinny Cow Chocolate Bars and candies
Dove individual dark chocolates
Laughing Cow Cheese Triangles
Small Peanut Butter Crackers
Granola Bars
Gum, mints, sugar-free Werther's
Travel Candles
iPad, iPhone or iPod so you can FaceTime your family & friends & play music!

VIBER- download free app to your phone. You can text & call when you have WiFi and when your friend or family member have cell service or WiFi… it’s FREE and has nothing to do with their phone plan. Note: It will ask for you to allow it to have access to your contacts. You need to allow as do your friends & family you want to keep in contact with, from your room or the hospital! Awesome app!

A wonderful & positive outlook that you are privileged to be going to a gorgeous country to have life-changing surgery by one of the best surgeons (THE best if you ask me!)

I opened & packed everything in Ziploc bags to make more space in my suitcase and to keep everything air tight while in recovery.