Flights to Costa Rica over 2 hours in length

Please follow these instructions from Dr. Lev when flying to Costa Rica on a flight that takes longer than 2 hours.

Take one 10 mg Xarelto pill 12 hours before you board the plane. This is a special blood thinner that leaves your system in 24 hours. This will help prevent embolisms from developing from long flights and sitting too long. (you may need your doctor to prescribe this for you). DO NOT use any other blood thinner but this one. Period.

Drink plenty of water during the flight.

Get up and walk around a little every hour of the flight.

For flights over 5 hours in length plan on arriving in San Jose two days prior to surgery instead of one day.

After you arrive, make sure to continue drinking plenty of water and walk around, getting your blood circulating before the surgery. You can't be too diligent about preparing your body for your surgery. Pulmonary embolisms are a serious result of dehydration and lack of movement. To counteract this please follow the above instructions to guarantee a safe and healthy experience in Costa Rica.

Safe travels!!
Love, Didi