Very Important Printout

Please print this out and keep it with you at all times when you go to Costa Rica. Bring these numbers with you when you venture out on your own in case you need to give these numbers to a taxi driver so they can call and find out where to take you. We've had people get lost without the phone number to give a taxi driver. It wasn't fun, trust me. They made it back miraculously, but it was very scary to be out there in a strange land without any way to know how to get back to the recovery place. But there are always taxis around almost everywhere you go. So all you need is the phone number of where you're staying and the taxi driver will take it from there. Safe travels!!

Print These Important Numbers

Prisma Dental offices - 2291-5151

Cima Hospital - 2208-1000

Santa Lucia Clinic - 2257-0727