Day 5

Today is the best day of my life. At least that's how it seems now that I've FINALLY washed my hair. You may have noticed my hair in the Day 4 pics? Lovely, no? You can't imagine how gross my hair was, with all the dried "whatever" sticking my hair together in a seemingly hopeless mass of dried gunky gook.

First I just stood under the hot heavy stream of water in the shower. Actually I asked Martin to bring me a plastic chair so I could just sit under the spray for a couple of days. He asked me if I could make it just a couple of hours since he didn't think there was enough hot water in Costa Rica to allow me to just sit there for two days under the hot rushing water nonstop.

So, I sat there letting the hottest water I could tolerate just pummel my head for about twenty minutes before applying the first of many applications of shampoo. I carefully massaged the shampoo into the already loosened gunk in my head and lightly rubbed a circular motion all over my head for another ten minutes or so. Then I let the heavy stream of hot water (the water pressure at the Villa Plenitud is AWESOME....I sat there blessing Ron and Martin the whole time for having the best shower in creation) wash away the first round of shampoo.

I repeated the washing again two more times and then after all the shampoo was out, I applied a generous amount of conditioner and left it in. I gently combed with a wide-toothed comb, the kinks out of my hair as best I could. There was still some gunk in there believe it or not. But the next day I would get the rest of it for sure.

I just let my hair air dry loaded with conditioner......and that's how it stayed all day long till the next day.

I laid low again, still not feeling so hot....had my meals in my room...mostly soup and soft foods, but I still wasn't that hungry. I walked around the retreat a lot, actually checked my email, but spent most of today in my room just chilling. I was just so darned happy to have started the process of cleaning my hair....I didn't really care about anything else!