Little Annoying Souvenirs
August 1, 2017
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Patients please read the following BEFORE booking a date for surgery

It is rude and unacceptable for a person to book a date for surgery with Dr. Lev and then cancel so close to the date that there isn't enough time to rebook. When you cancel close to the scheduled surgery date or just don't show up (yes, believe it or not, once in awhile there are people who are that inconsiderate,) several people are negatively affected by those actions. Dr. Lev, the anesthesiologist, the clinic, the nurses, and you may have taken a date that someone else would have wanted.

Clearly, we've been too lenient when it comes to the required $1000 deposit that patients are supposed to deposit into Dr. Lev's US bank account within two weeks of receiving the Patient Confirmation Form.

So here's the scoop. If you don't meet the two-week deadline to make your required deposit of $1000 into Dr. Lev's US bank account, your surgery date will automatically be put back into the schedule and assigned to another patient. If you need more time to make the deposit, email Didi at and let her know you need more time. We can extend your deposit time as a one-time "courtesy" but you must contact us within that two week period or you will lose your date."


Dr. Lev and Didi Reuben, Dr. Lev's International Patient Coordinator

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